My boardgame hobby

My boardgame hobby

Boardgames, in particular German boardgames (a.k.a. eurogames / designer games / family strategy games), became my big time hobby around end of 2003, when I was working in Taiwan. It is a good activity for spending time with family and friends. Games are usually not too long (most range from 15 mins to 1.5 hours), and it is intellectually challenging.

Nowadays I usually play on Sunday afternoons, around twice a month. I have a few friends who usually join me to play, but I don't really have a regular group yet. My wife Michelle plays with me too. Sometimes we play online versions because they are much faster. Michelle is a big fan of Ticket to Ride and Ticket To Ride Europe.

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Sep - Oct 2005

No big boardgame gathering recently. Usually just Han. Still only one regular kaki.

I finally got to play Taj Mahal, which I have bought for a long time. This is minimum 3 players. Michelle and I played each controlling two players. Taj Mahal is often said to be best with 4 players. Hopefully soon I'll get to play a real 4 player game.

I discovered that I have played Lord of the Rings with many rules mistakes. Now Michelle and my target is to win the game at difficulty 12 (i.e. normal difficulty) using the correct rules. We've only beaten the game at 12 once before. Our mistakes include:

  1. When completing a scenario, the new ringbearer draws two hobbit cards
  2. Players are not allowed to pool their shields together to seek Gandalf's help. A single player must have 5 shields in order to call Gandalf.
  3. If playing two cards, the cards are resolved independently and can be for different activity tracks.
  4. Frodo can only use white Hobbit cards as jokers, not white feature cards (which often have two symbols instead of one).
  5. Cards with two stars can be treated as different symbols, except for when applying it to activity tracks.
  6. The "Sauron advance one step or player advance two steps" event tile need not be applied to the active player. Another player can choose to advance two steps.

I played Aladdin's Dragons (Han bought it recently), a game by Richard Breese. It has blind bidding as a key mechanism, but I enjoyed it more than I expected. There is quite a bit of strategising and planning to it.

I taught Mei and Chee Cheng to play Lord of the Rings and Mei is very impressed with this Reiner Knizia design. We won the game, although I tried not to give many directions and let them explore and discover the game and the strategies by themselves. We did start at 15 (easy level), and I think we were lucky with the tile draws. Maybe next time 13.

Tikal: I waited a long time for this to be republished. This was the winner of the SDJ award (German Game of the Year award) in 1999.

Tikal: Designed by Wolfgang Kramer (& Michael Kiesling), who also designed Princes of Florence (with Richard Ulrich), one of my favourite games. Illustrated by Franz Vohwinkel and this is his proudest work.

Taj Mahal: Middle of the game.

Taj Mahal: Bored Shee Yun to sleep

Lord of the Rings: Finally I remember to take a proper picture of Lord of the Rings. This photos shows a game with the Friends & Foes expansion.

Mystery Rummy - Jack the Ripper: Michelle and Han

Ra: Jeanne and Han. I played this a lot with my Taiwan boardgang last year.

Wed 31 Aug 2005

Only one kaki managed to come on Merdeka Day. I taught Han Java and Lord of the Rings, both new to him. Originally I thought about playing Tikal, which he brough to me that day (I bought Tikal from Edwin through Han), but since it'll take time to punch out the pieces Han suggested we try another one in the series (the other one being Mexica). Java is the 2nd in the series and also the most complex.

Java went well. This series of games is well known for AP - Analysis Paralysis. Not a game to play with people who tend to take a long time to think about their moves. Java went quite smooth for us. It took us just a bit more than an hour to complete the game (including rules explanation). Initially I had a lead, but Han later caught up and at the end of the game we drew at 103 points.

After Java we played Lord of the Rings. I like teaching it to new players and observing how they learn and play the game. By the time we reached Mordor, Sam (ringbearer at the time) was only one step away from Sauron. We still had many cards, and I thought we still had a decent chance of fulfilling our quest. Unfortunately I forgot about the "ringbearer corrupted by one step" event tile, which I drew, and killed me (playing Sam). Aarrgghhh... perhaps I should have spent my previous turn to recover one step on the corruption path.

Hey, this is the first time Shee Yun didn't appear in any of the photos. She was sleeping upstairs when we played.

Java: Almost at the end of the game

Java: An interesting 3-dimensional game

Sat & Sun 20-21 Aug 2005

A good gaming weekend, with gaming sessions on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Saturday was with my Accenture friends, and Sunday with Han my regular kaki and Russ my colleague - a newbie.

On Saturday we started with Coloretto, the game that everyone is familiar with. Alex, who is new to the game, won both games! After that I taught them Bohnanza and Ticket To Ride Europe. They liked both a lot. I knew they'd like Bohnanza, because it's very interactive - definitely good for an outgoing bunch. It was my long-awaited plan to start introducing them to boardgames (in addition to card games), thus Ticket To Ride Europe. It's easy to learn, and I prefer it over the original Ticket To Ride (which is probably more suitable for newer / casual players). I came dead last! One of Say Young's tickets (Paris - Edinburgh) overlapped squarely with a portion of my long ticket (Athena - Edinburgh), and I had to use 2 train stations. Plus some bad risk-taking and bad luck (failed to claim the 6-train route 4 times in a row). Ai Rin won hands down - happily building her routes on the eastern edge while everyone else is fighting and blocking one another over central Europe.

On Sunday I taught Russ Lost Cities, and after Han arrived, we played Domaine. I haven't played Domaine for a long time. Not one of my favourites, but it's a medium-light game, which is suitable for newbies. I did pretty badly in both games, coming in last in both. Hmm... I need to improve. Russ enjoyed the games. Hopefully another regular kaki in the making for me. :-)

On Sunday night Shee Yun slept earlier than usual, so Michelle and I managed to play a game of Lord of the Rings and two games (on internet) of Ticket To Ride Europe. This time playing LOTR we increased the difficulty and started Sauron on 14. It didn't make much difference though, as the winning or losing was determined by the event track in Mordor. We played through the first three scenarios - Moria, Helm's Deep and Shelob's Lair - pretty smoothly. Not too corrupted by the ring, and managing to keep a decent number of cards. We had collected a lot of shields at the start of the last scenario, Mordor, and we haven't even used a single Gandalf card. However things went bad in Mordor. I (as Frodo) died. (at the time Michelle as Sam was the ringbearer) We had to use all 5 Gandalf cards. And events went all the way down to the second last one. If we reached the last event, we'd lose immediately even if the ringbearer is not caught by Sauron yet. Michelle managed to reach the Crack of Mount Doom to destroy the ring just in time. If it had taken her another turn, we would have failed in our quest to destroy the One Ring, because the next tile was an Event tile. That was a REALLY close and very enjoyable game.

Games played:

  • Coloretto: Alex 25, Ai Rin 24, me 23, Chai Ling 19
  • Coloretto: Alex 32, Chai Ling 29, me 29, Ai Rin 25
  • Bohnanza: me 15, Chai Ling 14, Alex 11, Ai Rin 10 (only played through the deck once)
  • Bohnanza: Ai Rin 18, Chai Ling 17, Alex 15, Say Young 15, me 13
  • Ticket To Ride Europe: Ai Rin 134, Alex 107, Chai Ling 106, Say Young 73, me 70
  • Lost Cities: me (winner), Russ (only played 1 hand)
  • Lost Cities: me (winner), Russ (only played 1 hand)
  • Domaine: Han (winner), Russ, me
  • Domaine: Russ (winner), Han, me
  • Lord of the Rings: Michelle as Sam, me as Frodo (killed in action), won with 66pts
  • Ticket To Ride Europe: Michelle 128, me 124
  • Ticket To Ride Europe: me 139, Michelle 130

Bohnanza: I'm green and I stink

Ticket to Ride Europe: Don't worry, Shee Yun is not eating a train.

Sat & Sun 30-31 July 2005

Over the weekend of 30-31 July 2005 we went to Melaka on a company team-building activity. I brought For Sale, Ingenious, Category 5 (6 Nimmt!) and San Juan, hoping for the opportunity to play the former three with my colleagues. Unfortunately it didn't happen. But Michelle and I did manage to play some games of Ingenious, San Juan and Category 5.

I'm getting a better grasp of Ingenious now. Blocking your opponents' weakest colours is important. I find that I'm liking Category 5 less now. Maybe it really needs more than 2 players to be fun.

Ingenious - one point for red

Shee Yun is attracted by the noise and the colours

Scoreboard of Ingenious. Michelle is doing quite well.

San Juan - Card game version of Puerto Rico, the #1 ranked game.

"Sorry baba, mama is going to kick your butt"

Thu 21 Jul 2005 - Settlers Cafe in Singapore

I was working outstation in Singapore and took the opportunity to visit the Settlers Cafe, a boardgame cafe. It was a great experience. It was not expensive, they have many games, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Compared to the Witch House boardgame cafe in Taipei, Settlers Cafe does not have as many games that are "my type" though.

Chee Seng, Alicia and I played 4 different games - Blokus, Modern Art, Keythedral and Giza. All are new to me except Modern Art. Blokus is very simple and fast. It is a spacial game. Definitely very newbie-friendly. I quite like it, and am thinking of buying it.

I was considering whether to buy Keythedral, but eventually decided against it. The most important play is in the layout out of the "board" at the start of the game, and later the selection of the order of sending workers out to the fields. I found the part on collecting resources and buying seats in the keythedral a little tedious. Giza is a game designed and published in Singapore by a local company. It is about building pyramids and the sphinx. Very nice components and graphics. The game is light and fast. There is some decision making / risk taking, and also a bit of luck in tile drawing.

Games played:

  • Blokus: Chee Seng 0, Alicia -1, me -2
  • Blokus: me 0, Alicia -2, Chee Seng -5
  • Modern Art: Chee Seng (winner by big margin), Alicia, me
  • Keythedral: Chee Seng 58, Alicia 54, me 54
  • Giza: me (winner), Alicia , Chee Seng

Sun 10 Jul 2005

Han and Ricky came to play. I tried to get a 5 player session but unfortunately Kooi Khew and Sylvia couldn't make it. But anyhow we had a good long session, from 1pm to 7pm. We played 12 games! One game was new to me - Colossal Arena by Reiner Knizia, which Han brought. I thought it was just OK. Maybe because I did very badly. :-D I didn't make good use of the creature powers. Han also brought Bootleggers but we didn't get to play it.

Han pointed out my rule mistake in Ingenious (a.k.a. Einfach Genial). In the first play, every player must play his/her tile next to a different starting hex on the board. Oops. My strategy in this game is always to develop all colours evenly, ignoring chances to score big in any one colour. But now I think this is not the best strategy, since hitting the 18th spot give you an extra turn, which helps in blocking other people.

We all quite enjoyed China. Now we all call the the first person to enter a region the "poineering ox" (开荒牛). China has interesting decision making and is quite fast paced, so it is quite fulfilling. Ricky definitely enjoyed calling the Lu district Lu Lu.

Ricky quite liked Lord of the Rings - Confrontation. By the time we played it he was in a hurry to go home for dinner, but he enjoyed it so much he asked for a 3rd game (he lost the first two). He still lost the 3rd game, but LOTR Confrontation really is a game in which you need to be familiar with the character powers and the card powers in order to be able to strategise and to play well.

Games played:

  • Jambo: Han 60, me 49
  • Lost Cities: me (winner), Han
  • Colossal Arena: Han (winner), me
  • Ingenious: me (winner), Han
  • Ingenious: Han 10, Ricky 9, me 9
  • China: Han (winner), Ricky, me, Michelle
  • China: me (winner), Han, Ricky
  • China: Ricky (winner), me, Han
  • Through the Desert: me 100, Ricky 84, Michelle 52
  • Lord of the Rings - Confrontation: me (light)(winner), Ricky (dark)
  • Lord of the Rings - Confrontation: me (light)(winner), Ricky (dark)
  • Lord of the Rings - Confrontation: me (light)(winner), Ricky (dark)

Michelle joined us in one game of China, with Shee Yun as advisor

I gave up on placing my emissaries early, and regretted it later

Lord of the Rings - Confrontation. Sauron the Silly.

Tue 5 Jul 2005 - Fri 8 Jul 2005

These are the last few days of me working in Accenture. My project mates and I played a few more games of Lost Cities and Coloretto. They like both games. Probably we'll organise a gathering at my home to play again.

One of the things they found most fun about Coloretto is making Adrian dirty.

Games played: (that I have recorded)

5 Jul 2005

  • Lost Cities: me 44, Say Young 36
  • Coloretto: Adrian (winner), Ai Rin, Say Young, Leonard

7 Jul 2005

  • Coloretto: Geraldine 30, me 25, Say Young 21, Chai Ling 21, Adrian 19 (everyone's bullying poor Adrian)
  • Coloretto: Geraldine 26 (winning again!), Chai Ling 25, Say Young 24, Adrian 23, me 20
  • Coloretto: me 28, Geraldine 23, Say Young 22, Chai Ling 21, Adrian 14
  • Lost Cities: me (winner), Say Young
  • Lost Cities: me 30, Adrian 28
  • Lost Cities: me 83, Leonard 72

8 Jul 2005

  • Lost Cities: Leonard 31, me 29
  • Coloretto: Leonard 36 (wow!), Geraldine 26, me 26, Ai Rin 23, Chai Ling 20

Tue 5 Jul 2005

Today at the office I taught 4 of my colleagues to play Coloretto during lunchtime. We played 2 games, and I did very badly. My project mates enjoyed it and wanted to play more. But since our room is near the bosses' room it's not a very good idea.

Thankfully we didn't play for money as Adrian suggested. He won (jointly) in both games! Leonard and I? We just feel so "dirty".

This reminds me of the days when I was in Taiwan. I played Carcassonne and Ra with my project team over lunch time. We'd buy lunch from outside, quickly finish and get one or two games in. Aaah... those were the days...

Games played:

  • Coloretto: Ai Rin 25, Adrian 25, Geraldine 22, me 19, Leonard 18
  • Coloretto: Adrian 26, Geraldine 26, Ai Rin 17, Leonard 16, me 15

Sun 3 Jul 2005

Had some errands to run over the weekend, but did manage to spend a quiet and relaxing Sunday afternoon at home. Michelle and I played Ticket To Ride Europe on the computer, and Carcassonne, Jambo, Oltremare and Bohnanza.

Carcassonne has always been our favourite. We play using the first expansion - Inns & Cathedrals. We play fast and aggressively. So it is definitely not an innocent jigsaw puzzle-like game in our hands.

Jambo is a newer card game by Rudiger Dorn and we both enjoy it. It is relative fast paced, like San Juan.

Michelle did much better in Oltremare this time. She beat me in prestige, in harbour tokens and in minimizing her pirate stack (she didn't have any cards left, but I had 10, i.e. -10 points). But I managed a narrow win because of my stronger cargo stack.

It was our first time trying 2-player Bohnanza, a.k.a. Bohn Duel. I'm not sure I got all the rules right. It's a bit weird. I still don't quite understand it yet. Michelle beat me $19:$18. Maybe I need to play a bit more to see whether I like it. At the moment I think Bohnanza is still best with around 5 people.

Oltremare - we used the Carcassonne box as a mini table

Jambo - a good 2-player only game

Shee Yun learns about making tough decisions early in life

Our first time trying 2-player Bohnanza

Sat 25 Jun 2005

Chee Seng and Kooi Khew came to play. We played four different games. Our "main course" was Lord of the Rings, the cooperative game by Reiner Knizia. It was a very exciting game. It was my 4th time playing, having only won once (in my 3rd attempt), and it was Chee Seng and Kooi Khew's first time playing. At one point I really thought we were going to lose - Frodo and Pippin both killed in Shelob's Lair, and Sam with the ring reaching Mount Doom with very little resources left.

Games played:

Fri 24 Jun 2005

Michelle and I played Oltremare - Merchants of Venice for the first time. I won, of course, due to the advantage of having read the rules and reviews and session reports many times.

I think Oltremare will be more fun with more players

Shee Yun finds Oltremare too complex

Sun 12 June 2005

Han and Kooi Khew came to play. We played two games of China and two games of Sticheln. Michelle joined to play Sticheln too. Twice I made Kooi Khew "eat" cards of his pain colour. He swore revenge. :-D

Sticheln is supposed to be played for 5 rounds to determine the total score, but we only place one round per game, since we are all relatively new to the game.

Games played:

  • China: Han (winner), me, Kooi Khew
  • China: me 60, Kooi Khew 52, Han 51 (approximate score)
  • Sticheln: Han 11, me 10, Michelle 10, Kooi Khew -2
  • Sticheln: Michelel 10, Han 9, me -6, Kooi Khew -7

China is a very pretty game

Shee Yun advising me to play the purple card

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੻†朠潯汧瑥条搮晥湩卥潬⡴⼧㔹㘹㔳㘹启䥒㍟〰㉘〵摟灦Ⱗ嬠〳ⰰ㈠〵ⱝ✠楤⵶灧⵴摡ㄭ㔴㈰㐰㔱ㄹ㘲〭⤧愮摤敓癲捩⡥潧杯敬慴⹧異慢獤⤨㬩 †潧杯敬慴⹧敤楦敮汓瑯✨㤯㤵㌶㤵⼶剔彉扡癯彥㈷砸〹摟灦Ⱗ嬠㈷ⰸ㤠崰‬搧癩札瑰愭ⵤ㐱〵〲ㄴ㤵㈱ⴶ✱⸩摡卤牥楶散木潯汧瑥条瀮扵摡⡳⤩਻†朠潯汧瑥条搮晥湩卥潬⡴⼧㔹㘹㔳㘹启䥒扟汥睯㝟㠲㥸弰晤❰‬㝛㠲‬〹ⱝ✠楤⵶灧⵴摡ㄭ㔴㈰㐰㔱ㄹ㘲㈭⤧愮摤敓癲捩⡥潧杯敬慴⹧異慢獤⤨㬩 †潧杯敬慴⹧異慢獤⤨攮慮汢卥湩汧剥煥敵瑳⤨਻†朠潯汧瑥条攮慮汢卥牥楶散⡳㬩 ⥽਻⼼捳楲瑰ਾਊ猼牣灩⁴祴数∽整瑸樯癡獡牣灩≴‾⠊畦据楴湯椨噳਩੻††晩
椡噳⤠ †笠 †††爠瑥牵㭮 †素 †瘠牡愠䵤牧㴠渠睥䄠䵤湡条牥⤨਻††慶⁲祬潣彳牰摯獟瑥㴠愠䵤牧挮潨獯健潲畤瑣敓⡴㬩 †瘠牡猠潬獴㴠嬠氢慥敤扲慯摲Ⱒ∠敬摡牥潢牡㉤Ⱒ∠潴汯慢彲浩条≥‬琢潯扬牡瑟硥≴‬猢慭汬潢≸‬琢灯灟潲潭Ⱒ∠潦瑯牥∲‬猢楬敤≲㭝 †瘠牡愠䍤瑡㴠琠楨⹳祬潣彳摡损瑡来牯㭹 †愠䵤牧献瑥潆捲摥慐慲⡭瀧条❥‬愨䍤瑡☠…摡慃⹴浤穯
‿摡慃⹴浤穯㨠✠敭扭牥⤧਻††晩⠠桴獩氮捹獯獟慥捲彨畱牥⥹ †笠 †††愠䵤牧献瑥潆捲摥慐慲⡭欢祥潷摲Ⱒ琠楨⹳祬潣彳敳牡档煟敵祲㬩 †素ਠ††汥敳椠⡦摡慃⁴☦愠䍤瑡昮湩彤桷瑡਩††੻††††摡杍⹲敳䙴牯散偤牡浡✨敫睹牯❤‬摡慃⹴楦摮睟慨⥴਻††੽†† †映牯⠠慶⁲⁳湩猠潬獴਩††੻††††慶⁲汳瑯㴠猠潬獴獛㭝 †††椠⁦愨䵤牧椮即潬䅴慶汩扡敬猨潬⥴਩††††੻††††††桴獩氮捹獯慟孤汳瑯⁝‽摡杍⹲敧却潬⡴汳瑯㬩 †††素 †素ਊ††摡杍⹲敲摮牥效摡牥⤨਻††摡杍⹲敲摮牥潆瑯牥⤨਻⡽昨湵瑣潩⡮
੻瘊牡眠㴠〠‬⁨‽ⰰ洠湩浩浵桔敲桳汯⁤‽〳㬰ਊ晩⠠潴⁰㴽猠汥⥦笊 †爠瑥牵牴敵਻੽晩⠠祴数景眨湩潤⹷湩敮坲摩桴
㴽✠畮扭牥‧਩੻††⁷‽楷摮睯椮湮牥楗瑤㭨 †栠㴠眠湩潤⹷湩敮䡲楥桧㭴紊攊獬⁥晩⠠潤畣敭瑮搮捯浵湥䕴敬敭瑮☠…搨捯浵湥⹴潤畣敭瑮汅浥湥⹴汣敩瑮楗瑤⁨籼搠捯浵湥⹴潤畣敭瑮汅浥湥⹴汣敩瑮效杩瑨⤩笊 †眠㴠搠捯浵湥⹴潤畣敭瑮汅浥湥⹴汣敩瑮楗瑤㭨 †栠㴠搠捯浵湥⹴潤畣敭瑮汅浥湥⹴汣敩瑮效杩瑨਻੽汥敳椠⁦搨捯浵湥⹴潢祤☠…搨捯浵湥⹴潢祤挮楬湥坴摩桴簠⁼潤畣敭瑮戮摯⹹汣敩瑮效杩瑨⤩笊 †眠㴠搠捯浵湥⹴潢祤挮楬湥坴摩桴਻††⁨‽潤畣敭瑮戮摯⹹汣敩瑮效杩瑨਻੽敲畴湲⠠眨㸠洠湩浩浵桔敲桳汯⥤☠…栨㸠洠湩浩浵桔敲桳汯⥤㬩紊⤨⤩㬩ਊਊ眊湩潤⹷湯潬摡㴠映湵瑣潩⡮਩੻††慶⁲⁦‽潤畣敭瑮朮瑥汅浥湥䉴䥹⡤䘢潯整䅲≤㬩 †瘠牡戠㴠搠捯浵湥⹴敧䕴敬敭瑮䉳呹条慎敭∨潢祤⤢せ㭝 †戠愮灰湥䍤楨摬昨㬩 †映献祴敬搮獩汰祡㴠∠汢捯≫਻††潤畣敭瑮朮瑥汅浥湥䉴䥹⡤氧捹獯潆瑯牥摁䙩慲敭⤧献捲㴠✠愯浤愯⽤潦瑯牥摁椮牦浡⹥瑨汭㬧 †ਠਊ†† †⼠ 佄⁍湉摁 †⠠畦据楴湯椨味敲汬硩਩††੻††††慶⁲⁥‽潤畣敭瑮挮敲瑡䕥敬敭瑮✨晩慲敭⤧਻††††⹥瑳汹⹥潢摲牥㴠✠✰਻††††⹥瑳汹⹥慭杲湩㴠〠਻††††⹥瑳汹⹥楤灳慬⁹‽戧潬正㬧 †††攠献祴敬挮獳汆慯⁴‽爧杩瑨㬧 †††攠献祴敬栮楥桧⁴‽㈧㐵硰㬧 †††攠献祴敬漮敶晲潬⁷‽栧摩敤❮਻††††⹥瑳汹⹥慰摤湩⁧‽㬰 †††攠献祴敬眮摩桴㴠✠〳瀰❸਻ਊ††††慶⁲獩求歯摥祂潄慭湩㴠映湵瑣潩⡮栠敲⁦਩††††੻††††††慶⁲汢捯敫䑤浯楡獮㴠嬠 †††††††∠湡湡慹潰湲㌱〰⸰牴灩摯挮浯Ⱒ †††††††∠硸灸牯确硸琮楲潰⹤潣≭ †††††崠਻††††††慶⁲汦条㴠映污敳਻†††††† †††††映牯
牨晥献慥捲⡨戠潬正摥潄慭湩孳椠崠⤠㸠‽‰਩††††††††੻††††††††††汦条㴠琠畲㭥 †††††††素 †††††素 †††††爠瑥牵汦条਻††††੽ †††瘠牡朠瑥敍慴潃瑮湥⁴‽畦据楴湯
敭慴慎敭⤠ †††笠 †††††瘠牡洠瑥獡㴠搠捯浵湥⹴敧䕴敬敭瑮䉳呹条慎敭✨敭慴⤧਻††††††潦⁲椨〽※㱩敭慴⹳敬杮桴※⭩⤫ †††††笠ਠ††††††††晩
㴽洠瑥乡浡⁥਩††††††††⁻ †††††††††爠瑥牵敭慴孳嵩朮瑥瑁牴扩瑵⡥挢湯整瑮⤢※ †††††††素ਠ††††††੽††††††敲畴湲映污敳਻††††੽†††† †††瘠牡朠瑥潃浭湥乴摯獥㴠映湵瑣潩⡮敲敧偸瑡整湲਩††††੻††††††慶⁲潮敤⁳‽絻਻††††††慶⁲潮敤䅳㴠嬠㭝 †††††瘠牡瀠敲敦牲摥潎敤䱳獩⁴‽❛❡‬挧Ⱗ✠❢㭝 †††ਠ††††††昨湵瑣潩敧乴摯獥桔瑡慈敶潃浭湥獴渨‬慰瑴牥⥮ †††††笠 †††††††椠⁦渨栮獡桃汩乤摯獥⤨਩††††††††੻††††††††††晩⠠⹮慴乧浡⁥㴽‽䤧剆䵁❅਩††††††††††੻††††††††††††敲畴湲映污敳਻††††††††††੽††††††††††潦⁲瘨牡椠㴠〠※⁩‼⹮档汩乤摯獥氮湥瑧㭨椠⬫਩††††††††††੻††††††††††††晩⠠渨挮楨摬潎敤孳嵩渮摯呥灹⁥㴽‽⤸☠…瀨瑡整湲琮獥⡴⹮档汩乤摯獥楛⹝潮敤慖畬⥥⤩ †††††††††††笠 †††††††††††††瘠牡愠敲乡浡⁥‽慰瑴牥⹮硥捥渨挮楨摬潎敤孳嵩渮摯噥污敵嬩崱਻††††††††††††††潮敤孳牡慥慎敭⁝‽㭮 †††††††††††素 †††††††††††攠獬⁥晩⠠⹮档汩乤摯獥楛⹝潮敤祔数㴠㴽ㄠ਩††††††††††††੻††††††††††††††敧乴摯獥桔瑡慈敶潃浭湥獴渨挮楨摬潎敤孳嵩‬慰瑴牥⥮਻††††††††††††੽††††††††††੽††††††††੽††††††⡽潤畣敭瑮戮摯ⱹ爠来硥慐瑴牥⥮㬩ਊ††††††潦⁲瘨牡椠椠牰晥牥敲乤摯獥楌瑳਩††††††੻††††††††晩⠠潮敤孳牰晥牥敲乤摯獥楌瑳楛嵝਩††††††††੻††††††††††晩
獩牔汥楬⁸☦渠摯獥灛敲敦牲摥潎敤䱳獩孴嵩⹝慰敲瑮潎敤瀮牡湥乴摯⹥慰敲瑮潎敤瀮牡湥乴摯⁥਩††††††††††੻††††††††††††潮敤䅳瀮獵⡨潮敤孳牰晥牥敲乤摯獥楌瑳楛嵝瀮牡湥乴摯⹥慰敲瑮潎敤瀮牡湥乴摯⹥慰敲瑮潎敤㬩 †††††††††素 †††††††††攠獬੥††††††††††੻††††††††††††潮敤䅳瀮獵⡨渠摯獥灛敲敦牲摥潎敤䱳獩孴嵩⁝㬩 †††††††††素 †††††††素 †††††素 †††††爠瑥牵潮敤䅳਻††††੽†††† †††ਠ††††慶⁲牰灯牥潎敤㴠渠汵㭬 †††瘠牡愠敲乡摯獥㴠朠瑥潃浭湥乴摯獥
帧牡慥吠灹㵥愢敲彡尨睜⤫✢⤠⤠਻ †††映牯⠠慶⁲⁩‽㬰椠㰠愠敲乡摯獥氮湥瑧㭨椠⬫਩††††੻††††††慶⁲⁡‽慰獲䥥瑮木瑥潃灭瑵摥瑓汹⡥牡慥潎敤孳嵩⸩楷瑤⥨਻††††††晩⠠愨㸠‽〳⤰☠…愨㰠‽〴⤰਩††††††੻††††††††牰灯牥潎敤㴠愠敲乡摯獥楛㭝 †††††††戠敲歡਻††††††੽††††੽ਊ††††慶⁲牰灯牥祴慎敭㴠朠瑥敍慴潃瑮湥⡴瀢潲数瑲≹
਩††††੻††††††⹥牳⁣‽⼧摡⽭摡椯橮捥䅴⹤晩慲敭栮浴❬਻††††††牰灯牥潎敤椮獮牥䉴晥牯⡥ⱥ瀠潲数乲摯⹥楦獲䍴楨摬㬩 †††素 †††攠獬⁥晩
牰灯牥潎敤⤠⤠⼠ 汓灡琠敨愠⁤癥湥桴畯桧⁴桴牥⁥獩渠污捯瑡摥猠潬ੴ††††੻††††††⹥牳⁣‽⼧摡⽭摡椯橮捥䅴⹤晩慲敭栮浴❬਻††††††⹥瑳汹⹥獣䙳潬瑡㴠✠潮敮㬧 †††††瘠牡挠楤⁶‽潤畣敭瑮挮敲瑡䕥敬敭瑮✨楤❶㬩 †††††挠楤⹶瑳汹⁥‽眢摩桴㌺〰硰活牡楧㩮〱硰愠瑵㭯㬢 †††††挠楤⹶灡数摮桃汩⡤攠⤠਻††††††⹢湩敳瑲敂潦敲挨楤ⱶ戠氮獡䍴楨摬㬩 †††素 †††攠獬⁥晩
椡䉳潬敫䉤䑹浯楡⡮氠捯瑡潩⹮牨晥⤠⤠ †††笠 †††††瘠牡椠橮⁆‽潤畣敭瑮挮敲瑡䕥敬敭瑮✨晩慲敭⤧਻††††††湩䙪献祴敬戮牯敤⁲‽〧㬧 †††††椠橮⹆瑳汹⹥慭杲湩㴠〠਻††††††湩䙪献祴敬搮獩汰祡㴠✠汢捯❫਻††††††湩䙪献祴敬挮獳汆慯⁴‽渧湯❥਻††††††湩䙪献祴敬栮楥桧⁴‽㈧㐵硰㬧 †††††椠橮⹆瑳汹⹥癯牥汦睯㴠✠楨摤湥㬧 †††††椠橮⹆瑳汹⹥慰摤湩⁧‽㬰 †††††椠橮⹆瑳汹⹥楷瑤⁨‽㌧〰硰㬧 †††††椠橮⹆牳⁣‽⼧摡⽭摡椯橮捥䅴⹤晩慲敭栮浴❬਻ †††††椠⡦戠☠…

湩䙪⤠਻††††††††⹢湩敳瑲敂潦敲挨楤ⱶ戠氮獡䍴楨摬㬩 †††††素ਠ††††੽†⡽搠捯浵湥⹴獩牔汥楬⁸⤩਻੽㰊猯牣灩㹴ਊ搼癩椠㵤琢形潣瑮楡敮≲猠祴敬∽慢正牧畯摮⌺䙄䍄䙃※潢摲牥戭瑯潴㩭瀱⁸潳楬⁤㌣㌹㌹㬹瀠獯瑩潩㩮敲慬楴敶※⵺湩敤㩸㤹㤹㤹㤹ℹ浩潰瑲湡≴ਾℼⴭ潦浲渠浡㵥猢慥捲≨漠卮扵業㵴爢瑥牵敳牡档瑩⤨•摩✽敨摡牥獟慥捲❨㸠㰊湩異⁴祴数∽整瑸•汰捡桥汯敤㵲匢慥捲≨猠穩㵥〳渠浡㵥猢慥捲㉨•慶畬㵥∢ਾ椼灮瑵琠灹㵥戢瑵潴≮瘠污敵∽潇∡漠䍮楬正∽敳牡档瑩⤨㸢㰊是牯㹭㰊瑳汹㹥昊牯⍭敨摡牥獟慥捲⁨੻††楷瑤㩨㤠㘱硰਻††慭杲湩›‰畡潴㠠硰਻††潰楳楴湯›敲慬楴敶਻੽ਊ潦浲栣慥敤彲敳牡档椠灮瑵笠 †栠楥桧㩴㐠瀰㭸 †映湯⵴楳敺›㐱硰਻††楬敮栭楥桧㩴㐠瀰㭸 †瀠摡楤杮›‰瀸㭸 †戠硯猭穩湩㩧戠牯敤⵲潢㭸 †戠捡杫潲湵㩤⌠㑆㉆㥅਻††潢摲牥›瀱⁸潳楬⁤䈣䉂䈸㬸 †琠慲獮瑩潩㩮戠捡杫潲湵ⵤ潣潬⁲〳洰⁳慥敳漭瑵ਬ††††††††潣潬⁲〳洰⁳慥敳਻੽昊牯⍭敨摡牥獟慥捲⁨湩異孴祴数∽整瑸崢笠 †眠摩桴›〱┰਻੽潦浲栣慥敤彲敳牡档椠灮瑵瑛灹㵥琢硥≴㩝潦畣⁳੻††潢摲牥挭汯牯›䄣䐲㔰㬴 †戠捡杫潲湵ⵤ潣潬㩲⌠晦㭦 †戠硯猭慨潤㩷〠〠硰ㄠ瀲⁸㐭硰⌠㉁い㐵਻੽ਊ昊牯⍭敨摡牥獟慥捲⁨湩異孴祴数∽畢瑴湯崢笠 †瀠獯瑩潩㩮愠獢汯瑵㭥 †琠灯›瀱㭸 †爠杩瑨›瀱㭸 †漠慰楣祴›㬱 †戠捡杫潲湵㩤⌠䙄䍄䙃਻††潣潬㩲⌠㘴㜳㐳਻††楷瑤㩨ㄠ㔲硰਻††畣獲牯›潰湩整㭲 †栠楥桧㩴㌠瀸㭸 †戠牯敤㩲渠湯㭥紊昊牯⍭敨摡牥獟慥捲⁨湩異孴祴数∽整瑸崢昺捯獵縠椠灮瑵瑛灹㵥戧瑵潴❮㩝潨敶Ⱳ昊牯⍭敨摡牥獟慥捲⁨湩異孴祴数✽畢瑴湯崧栺癯牥笠 †戠捡杫潲湵ⵤ潣潬㩲⌠㕁䕃㘵਻††潣潬㩲⌠晦㭦紊昊牯⍭敨摡牥獟慥捲⁨湩異孴祴数∽整瑸崢昺捯獵縠椠灮瑵瑛灹㵥戧瑵潴❮⁝੻††慢正牧畯摮挭汯牯›㔣䄲䑅㭆 †挠汯牯›昣晦਻੽㰊猯祴敬ਾ㰊捳楲瑰ਾ畦据楴湯猠慥捲楨⡴笩 †ਠ††⼯搠瑥牥業敮攠癮物湯敭瑮ਠ††慶⁲敳牡档敟癮ਠ††晩⠠祬潣彳摡睟睷獟牥敶⹲湩敤佸⡦⸢摰∮
੻†††猠慥捲彨湥⁶‽栧瑴㩰⼯敳牡档ㄵ瀮⹤祬潣⹳潣⽭⽡㬧 †素攠獬⁥晩⠠祬潣彳摡睟睷獟牥敶⹲湩敤佸⡦⸢慱∮
੻†††猠慥捲彨湥⁶‽栧瑴㩰⼯敳牡档ㄵ焮⹡祬潣⹳潣⽭⽡㬧 †素攠獬⁥੻†††猠慥捲彨湥⁶‽栧瑴㩰⼯敳牡档ㄵ氮捹獯挮浯愯✯਻††੽瘊牡猠慥捲彨整浲㴠攠据摯啥䥒潃灭湯湥⡴潤畣敭瑮献慥捲⹨敳牡档⸲慶畬⥥瘊牡猠慥捲彨牵‽敳牡档敟癮猫慥捲彨整浲਻楷摮睯漮数⡮敳牡档畟汲㬩ਊ敲畴湲映污敳紊㰊猯牣灩⵴㸭㰊瑳汹㹥 †⸠摡敃瑮牥汃獡筳慭杲湩〺愠瑵絯㰊猯祴敬ਾ搼癩椠㵤琢形摡•汣獡㵳愢䍤湥整䍲慬獳•瑳汹㵥搢獩汰祡戺潬正椡灭牯慴瑮※癯牥汦睯栺摩敤㭮眠摩桴㤺㘱硰∻ਾ愼栠敲㵦栢瑴㩰⼯摡牴捡⹫業楮瑳牥慩㕬挮浯振楬正敮⽷愿㘽㜳㤳∴琠瑩敬∽畢汩⁤潹牵漠湷眠扥楳整愠⁴牔灩摯挮浯•瑳汹㵥昢潬瑡氺晥㭴眠摩桴ㄺ㘸硰※潢摲牥〺㸢㰊浩⁧牳㵣栢瑴㩰⼯祬氮杹⹯潣⽭祬琯印瑩⽥浩条獥是敲䅥㉤樮杰•污㵴䴢歡⁥潹牵漠湷映敲⁥敷獢瑩⁥湯吠楲潰⹤潣≭猠祴敬∽潢摲牥〺※楤灳慬㩹汢捯≫⼠ਾ⼼㹡ਠ㰊楤⁶摩∽摡损湯慴湩牥•瑳汹㵥搢獩汰祡戺潬正椡灭牯慴瑮※汦慯㩴敬瑦※楷瑤㩨㈷瀸⁸㸢㰊捳楲瑰琠灹㵥琢硥⽴慪慶捳楲瑰㸢椊⁦琨灹潥⁦祬潣彳摡℠㴽∠湵敤楦敮≤☠…氢慥敤扲慯摲•湩氠捹獯慟⥤笠 搠捯浵湥⹴牷瑩⡥祬潣彳摡❛敬摡牥潢牡❤⥝਻੽⼼捳楲瑰ਾ⼼楤㹶㰊搯癩ਾ⼼楤㹶㰊捳楲瑰琠灹㵥琢硥⽴慪慶捳楲瑰㸢椊⁦琨灹潥⁦祬潣彳摡℠㴽∠湵敤楦敮≤☠…猢楬敤≲椠祬潣彳摡